Section 598.1. Definitions.
Section 598.2. Jurisdiction and venue.
Section 598.2A. Choice of law.
Section 598.3. Kind of action — joinder.
Section 598.4. Caption of petition for dissolution.
Section 598.5. Contents of petition — verification — evidence.
Section 598.6. Additional contents.
Section 598.7. Mediation.
Section 598.7A. Mediation.
Section 598.8. Hearings — exceptions.
Section 598.9. Residence — failure of proof.
Section 598.10. Temporary orders.
Section 598.11. How temporary order made — changes — retroactive modification.
Section 598.12. Attorney or guardian ad litem for minor child — investigations.
Section 598.13. Financial statements filed.
Section 598.14. Attachment.
Section 598.14A. Retroactive modification of temporary support order.
Section 598.14B. Child visitation — temporary custody orders.
Section 598.15. Mandatory course — parties to certain proceedings.
Section 598.16. Conciliation — domestic relations divisions.
Section 598.17. Dissolution of marriage — evidence.
Section 598.18. Recrimination not a bar to dissolution of marriage.
Section 598.19. Waiting period before decree.
Section 598.19A. Mandatory course — parties to certain proceedings.
Section 598.20. Forfeiture of marital rights.
Section 598.20A. Beneficiary revocation — life insurance.
Section 598.20B. Beneficiary revocation — other contracts.
Section 598.21. Orders for disposition of property.
Section 598.21A. Orders for spousal support.
Section 598.21B. Orders for child support and medical support.
Section 598.21C. Modification of child, spousal, or medical support orders.
Section 598.21D. Relocation of parent as grounds to modify order of child custody.
Section 598.21E. Contesting paternity to challenge child support order.
Section 598.21F. Postsecondary education subsidy.
Section 598.21G. Minor parent — parenting classes.
Section 598.22. Support payments — clerk of court — collection services center or comparable government entity in another state — defaults — security.
Section 598.22A. Satisfaction of support payments.
Section 598.22B. Information required in order or judgment.
Section 598.22C. Child support — social security disability dependent benefits.
Section 598.22D. Separate fund or conservatorship for support.
Section 598.23. Contempt proceedings — alternatives to jail sentence.
Section 598.23A. Contempt proceedings for provisions of support payments — activity governed by a license.
Section 598.24. Costs if party is in default or contempt.
Section 598.25. Parties and court granting marriage dissolution decree — notice.
Section 598.26. Record — impounding — violation indictable.
Section 598.27.
Section 598.28. Separate maintenance and annulment.
Section 598.29. Annulling illegal marriage — causes.
Section 598.30. Validity determined.
Section 598.31. Children — legitimacy.
Section 598.32. Annulment — compensation.
Section 598.33. Order to vacate.
Section 598.34. Recipients of public assistance — assignment of support payments.
Section 598.35. Grandparent — great-grandparent — visitation rights.
Section 598.36. Attorney fees in proceeding to modify order or decree.
Section 598.37. Name change.
Section 598.38.
Section 598.39.
Section 598.40.
Section 598.41. Custody of children.
Section 598.41A. Visitation — history of crimes against a minor.
Section 598.41B. Visitation — restrictions — murder of parent.
Section 598.41C. Modification of child custody or physical care — active duty.
Section 598.41D. Assignment of visitation or physical care parenting time — parent serving active duty — family member.
Section 598.42. Notice of certain orders by clerk of court.