Section 598B.101. Short title.
Section 598B.102. Definitions.
Section 598B.103. Proceedings governed by other law.
Section 598B.104. Application to Indian tribes.
Section 598B.105. International application.
Section 598B.106. Effect of child-custody determination.
Section 598B.107. Priority.
Section 598B.108. Notice to persons outside state.
Section 598B.109. Appearance and limited immunity.
Section 598B.110. Communication between courts.
Section 598B.111. Taking testimony in another state.
Section 598B.112. Cooperation between courts — preservation of records.
Section 598B.201. Initial child-custody jurisdiction.
Section 598B.202. Exclusive, continuing jurisdiction.
Section 598B.203. Jurisdiction to modify determination.
Section 598B.204. Temporary emergency jurisdiction.
Section 598B.205. Notice — opportunity to be heard — joinder.
Section 598B.206. Simultaneous proceedings.
Section 598B.207. Inconvenient forum.
Section 598B.208. Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct.
Section 598B.209. Information to be submitted to court.
Section 598B.210. Appearance of parties and child.
Section 598B.301. Definitions.
Section 598B.302. Enforcement under Hague convention.
Section 598B.303. Duty to enforce.
Section 598B.304. Temporary visitation.
Section 598B.305. Registration of child-custody determination.
Section 598B.306. Enforcement of registered determination.
Section 598B.307. Simultaneous proceedings.
Section 598B.308. Expedited enforcement of child-custody determination.
Section 598B.309. Service of petition and order.
Section 598B.310. Hearing and order.
Section 598B.311. Warrant to take physical custody of child.
Section 598B.312. Costs, fees, and expenses.
Section 598B.313. Recognition and enforcement.
Section 598B.314. Appeals.
Section 598B.315. Role of prosecutor.
Section 598B.316. Role of law enforcement.
Section 598B.317. Costs and expenses.
Section 598B.401. Application and construction.
Section 598B.402. Transitional provision.