Chapter 600. ADOPTION  

Section 600.1. Construction.
Section 600.2. Definitions.
Section 600.3. Commencement of adoption action — jurisdiction — forum non conveniens.
Section 600.4. Qualifications to file adoption petition.
Section 600.5. Contents of an adoption petition.
Section 600.6. Attachments to an adoption petition.
Section 600.7. Consents to the adoption.
Section 600.7A. Adoption services provided by or through department of human services — selection of adoptive parent criteria.
Section 600.8. Placement investigations and reports.
Section 600.9. Report of expenditures.
Section 600.10. Minimum residence of a minor child.
Section 600.11. Notice of adoption hearing.
Section 600.12. Adoption hearing.
Section 600.12A. Death of person to be adopted — process for final adoption decree.
Section 600.13. Adoption decrees.
Section 600.14. Appeal — rules.
Section 600.14A. Standby adoption.
Section 600.15. Foreign and international adoptions.
Section 600.16. Adoption record — penalty for violations.
Section 600.16A. Termination and adoption records closed — exceptions — penalty.
Section 600.16B. Fees.
Section 600.17. Financial assistance.
Section 600.18. Determination of assistance.
Section 600.19. Amount of assistance.
Section 600.20. Availability of assistance.
Section 600.21. Termination of assistance.
Section 600.22. Rules.
Section 600.23. Adoption assistance compact.
Section 600.24. Access to records.
Section 600.25. Pending parental rights unaffected.