Section 600B.1. Obligation of parents.
Section 600B.2. Recovery by mother from father.
Section 600B.3.
Section 600B.4. Recovery by others than mother.
Section 600B.5. Discharge of father’s obligation.
Section 600B.6. Liability of the father’s estate.
Section 600B.7. Proceedings to establish paternity.
Section 600B.8. Who may institute proceedings.
Section 600B.9. Time of instituting proceedings.
Section 600B.10. Venue.
Section 600B.11. Nonresident complainant.
Section 600B.12. Complaint — where brought.
Section 600B.13. Form of complaint — verification.
Section 600B.14. Substance of complaint.
Section 600B.15. Original notice.
Section 600B.16. Lis pendens.
Section 600B.17. Writ of attachment.
Section 600B.18. Method of trial.
Section 600B.19. County attorney to prosecute.
Section 600B.20. Exclusion of bystanders.
Section 600B.21. Death, absence or mental illness of mother — testimony receivable.
Section 600B.22. Death of defendant.
Section 600B.23. Costs payable by county.
Section 600B.24. Judgment in general.
Section 600B.25. Form of judgment — contents of support order — evidence — costs.
Section 600B.26. Payment of attorney fees.
Section 600B.27. Payment to trustees.
Section 600B.28. Report by trustee.
Section 600B.29. Desertion statute applicable.
Section 600B.30.
Section 600B.31. Continuing jurisdiction.
Section 600B.31A. Parties to and court issuing original order — notice.
Section 600B.32. Concurrence of remedies.
Section 600B.33. Limitations of actions.
Section 600B.34.
Section 600B.35. Reference to illegitimacy prohibited.
Section 600B.36. Report to registrar of vital statistics.
Section 600B.37. Contempt.
Section 600B.38. Recipients of public assistance — assignment of support payments.
Section 600B.39. “Child” defined.
Section 600B.40. Custody and visitation.
Section 600B.40A. Temporary orders — support, custody, or visitation of a child.
Section 600B.41. Blood and genetic tests.
Section 600B.41A. Actions to overcome paternity — applicability — conditions.
Section 600B.42. Security for payment of support — forfeiture.