Chapter 602. JUDICIAL BRANCH  

Section 602.1101. Definitions.
Section 602.1102. Judicial branch.
Section 602.1201. Supervision and administration.
Section 602.1202. Judicial council.
Section 602.1203. Personnel conferences.
Section 602.1204. Procedures for judicial branch.
Section 602.1205. Procedures for courts.
Section 602.1206. Rules for judges and attorneys.
Section 602.1207. Report of the condition of the judicial branch.
Section 602.1208. State court administrator.
Section 602.1209. General duties of the state court administrator.
Section 602.1210. Selection of chief judges.
Section 602.1211. Duties of chief judges.
Section 602.1212. Judges for public utility rate cases.
Section 602.1213. District judicial conferences.
Section 602.1214. District court administrator.
Section 602.1215. Clerk of the district court.
Section 602.1216. Retention of clerks of the district court.
Section 602.1217. Chief juvenile court officer.
Section 602.1218. Removal for cause.
Section 602.1301. Budget and fiscal procedures.
Section 602.1302. State funding.
Section 602.1303. Local funding.
Section 602.1304. Revenues — enhanced court collections fund.
Section 602.1305. Distribution of revenues of the district court.
Section 602.1401. Personnel system.
Section 602.1402. Personnel control.
Section 602.1501. Judicial salaries.
Section 602.1502. State court administration salaries.
Section 602.1503.
Section 602.1504.
Section 602.1505.
Section 602.1506.
Section 602.1507.
Section 602.1508. Compensation of referees.
Section 602.1509. Expenses.
Section 602.1510. Bond expense.
Section 602.1511. Board of examiners for shorthand reporters.
Section 602.1512. Commission on judicial qualifications.
Section 602.1513. Per diem compensation.
Section 602.1514. Judicial compensation commission.
Section 602.1601. Judicial proceedings public.
Section 602.1602. Sunday — permissible acts.
Section 602.1603. Judge to be attorney.
Section 602.1604. Judges shall not practice law.
Section 602.1605. Special conditions for magistrates.
Section 602.1606. Judicial officer disqualified.
Section 602.1607. Court employees shall not practice law.
Section 602.1608. Salaries exclusive.
Section 602.1609. Compliance with ethics law.
Section 602.1610. Mandatory retirement.
Section 602.1611. Judicial retirement programs.
Section 602.1612. Temporary service by retired judges.
Section 602.1613. Court employee retirement.
Section 602.1614. Acceptance, distribution, and retention of electronic records by the judicial branch.
Section 602.2101. Authority.
Section 602.2102. Commission on judicial qualifications.
Section 602.2103. Operation of commission.
Section 602.2104. Procedure before commission.
Section 602.2105. Rules.
Section 602.2106. Procedure before supreme court.
Section 602.2107. Civil immunity.
Section 602.2201. Impeachment.
Section 602.2301. Judicial officer appointment— delay.
Section 602.3101. Board of examiners.
Section 602.3102. Terms of office.
Section 602.3103. Public members.
Section 602.3104. Meetings.
Section 602.3105. Applications.
Section 602.3106. Fees — appropriation.
Section 602.3107. Examinations.
Section 602.3108. Certification.
Section 602.3201. Requirement of certification — use of title.
Section 602.3202. Transcript fee.
Section 602.3203. Revocation or suspension.
Section 602.3204. Transcript integrity.
Section 602.3205. Audio recordings.
Section 602.3301. Misuse of confidential information — penalty.
Section 602.3302. Violations punished.
Section 602.4101. Justices — quorum.
Section 602.4102. Jurisdiction.
Section 602.4103. Chief justice.
Section 602.4104. Divisions — full court.
Section 602.4105. Time and place court meets.
Section 602.4106. Opinions — reports.
Section 602.4107. Divided court.
Section 602.4108. Attendance of sheriff of Polk county.
Section 602.4201. Rules governing actions and proceedings.
Section 602.4202. Rulemaking procedure.
Section 602.4301. Clerk of supreme court.
Section 602.4302. Deputy clerk — staff.
Section 602.4303. Supreme court fees.
Section 602.4304. Supreme court staff.
Section 602.4305. Limitation on expenses.
Section 602.5101. Court of appeals.
Section 602.5102. Judges — quorum.
Section 602.5103. Jurisdiction.
Section 602.5104. Sessions — location.
Section 602.5105. Chief judge.
Section 602.5106. Decisions of the court — finality.
Section 602.5107. Rules.
Section 602.5108. When decisions effective.
Section 602.5109. Process — style — seal.
Section 602.5110. Records.
Section 602.5111. Publication of opinions.
Section 602.5112. Fees — costs.
Section 602.5201. Clerk of court.
Section 602.5202. Secretary to judge.
Section 602.5203. Law clerks.
Section 602.5204. Physical facilities.
Section 602.5205. Limitation on expenses.
Section 602.6101. Unified trial court.
Section 602.6102. Appeals and writs of error.
Section 602.6103. Court in continuous session.
Section 602.6104. Judicial officers.
Section 602.6105. Places of holding court — magistrate schedules.
Section 602.6106. Sessions not at county seats — effect — duty of clerk.
Section 602.6107. Reorganization of judicial districts and judicial election districts.
Section 602.6108. Reassignment of personnel.
Section 602.6109. Judicial election districts and judgeships.
Section 602.6110. Peer review court.
Section 602.6111. Identification information filed with the clerk.
Section 602.6112. Regional litigation centers — prohibition.
Section 602.6113. Apportionment of certain judicial officers — substantial disparity.
Section 602.6201. Office of district judge — apportionment.
Section 602.6202. Jurisdiction.
Section 602.6203.
Section 602.6301. Number and apportionment of district associate judges.
Section 602.6302. Appointment of district associate judge in lieu of magistrates.
Section 602.6303. Appointment of magistrates in lieu of district associate judge.
Section 602.6304. Appointment and resignation of district associate judges.
Section 602.6305. Term, retention, qualifications.
Section 602.6306. Jurisdiction, procedure, appeals.
Section 602.6307. Appointment of district associate judge in lieu of full-time associate juvenile judge.
Section 602.6401. Number and apportionment.
Section 602.6402. Additional magistrate allowed.
Section 602.6403. Appointment, qualification, and resignation of magistrates.
Section 602.6404. Qualifications.
Section 602.6405. Jurisdiction — procedure.
Section 602.6501. Composition of county magistrate appointing commissions.
Section 602.6502. Prohibitions to appointment.
Section 602.6503. Commissioners appointed by a county.
Section 602.6504. Commissioners elected by attorneys.
Section 602.6505. Vacancy.
Section 602.6601. Court attendants.
Section 602.6602. Referees and special masters.
Section 602.6603. Court reporters.
Section 602.6604. Dockets.
Section 602.6605. Funds, reports.
Section 602.6606. Administrative reports.
Section 602.6607. Control of records — vacancies.
Section 602.6608. Child support referee.
Section 602.6701. Circuit court records.
Section 602.6702. Counties bordering on Missouri river.
Section 602.6703. Declaratory judgment to adjudicate constitutional nexus issues regarding taxation.
Section 602.7101. Juvenile court.
Section 602.7102. Court records.
Section 602.7103. Associate juvenile judge — jurisdiction — appeals.
Section 602.7103A. Part-time associate juvenile judge — appointment — removal — qualifications.
Section 602.7103B. Appointment and resignation of full-time associate juvenile judges.
Section 602.7103C. Full-time associate juvenile judges — term, retention, qualifications.
Section 602.7104. Physicians and nurses.
Section 602.7201. Administration and supervision.
Section 602.7202. Juvenile court officers.
Section 602.7203. Juvenile victim restitution.
Section 602.8101. Office of the clerk of the district court.
Section 602.8102. General duties.
Section 602.8102A. Notices returned for unknown address — resending.
Section 602.8103. General powers.
Section 602.8103A. Transmission of record on appeal.
Section 602.8104. Records and books.
Section 602.8105. Fees for civil cases and other services — collection and disposition.
Section 602.8106. Collection of fees in criminal cases and disposition of fees and fines.
Section 602.8107. Collection of court debt.
Section 602.8108. Distribution of court revenue.
Section 602.8108A. Prison infrastructure fund.
Section 602.8109. Settlement of accounts of cities and counties.
Section 602.9101. System created.
Section 602.9102. Administered by court administrator.
Section 602.9103.
Section 602.9104. Deductions from judges’ salaries — contributions by state.
Section 602.9104A. Moneys deposited in the judicial retirement fund — limitations — intent.
Section 602.9105. Rollovers of judges’ accounts.
Section 602.9106. Retirement.
Section 602.9107. Amount of annuity.
Section 602.9107A. Optional retirement and decreased annuity.
Section 602.9107B. Minimum annuity benefit.
Section 602.9107C. Iowa public employees’ retirement system — service credit.
Section 602.9108. Individual accounts — refunding.
Section 602.9109. Payment of annuities.
Section 602.9110. Other public employment prohibited.
Section 602.9111. Investment of fund.
Section 602.9112. Voluntary retirement for disability.
Section 602.9113. Retirement benefits for disability.
Section 602.9114. Forfeiture of benefits — refund.
Section 602.9115. Annuity for survivor of annuitant.
Section 602.9115A. Optional annuity for judge and survivor.
Section 602.9116. Actuarial valuation.
Section 602.9201. Short title.
Section 602.9202. Definitions.
Section 602.9203. Senior judgeship requirements — appointment and term.
Section 602.9204. Salary — annuity of senior judge and retired senior judge.
Section 602.9205. Practice of law prohibited.
Section 602.9206. Temporary service by senior judge.
Section 602.9207. Retirement of senior judge.
Section 602.9208. Relinquishment of senior judgeship — removal for cause — retirement annuity.
Section 602.9209. Survivor’s annuity.
Section 602.10101. Admission to practice.
Section 602.10102. Qualifications for admission.
Section 602.10103. Board of law examiners.
Section 602.10104. Examinations.
Section 602.10105. Term of office.
Section 602.10106. Oath — compensation.
Section 602.10107. Temporary appointments — expenses.
Section 602.10108. Fees — appropriation.
Section 602.10109. Practitioners from other states.
Section 602.10110. Oath or affirmation.
Section 602.10111. Nonresident attorney — appointment of local attorney.
Section 602.10112. Duties of attorneys and counselors.
Section 602.10113. Deceit or collusion.
Section 602.10114. Authority.
Section 602.10115. Proof of authority.
Section 602.10116. Attorney’s lien — notice.
Section 602.10117. Release of lien by bond.
Section 602.10118. Automatic release.
Section 602.10119. Unlawful retention of money.
Section 602.10120. Excuse for nonpayment.
Section 602.10121. Revocation of license.
Section 602.10122. Grounds of revocation.
Section 602.10123. Proceedings.
Section 602.10124. Costs.
Section 602.10125. Attorney general — appropriateness of procedure — order for appearance.
Section 602.10126. Copy of accusation — duty of clerk.
Section 602.10127. Notice to attorney general — duty.
Section 602.10128. Trial court.
Section 602.10129. Time and place of hearing.
Section 602.10130. Determination of issues.
Section 602.10131. Record and judgment.
Section 602.10132. Pleadings — evidence — preservation.
Section 602.10133. Costs and expenses.
Section 602.10134. Plea of guilty or failure to plead.
Section 602.10135. Appeal.
Section 602.10136. Certification of judgment.
Section 602.10137. Renewals.
Section 602.10138. Client security fund not an insurance company.
Section 602.10139. Officers.
Section 602.10140. Public members.
Section 602.10141. Disclosure of confidential information.
Section 602.11101. Implementation by court component.
Section 602.11102. Accrued employee rights.
Section 602.11103. Life, health, and disability insurance.
Section 602.11104.
Section 602.11105. Hiring moratorium.
Section 602.11106. Employee reclassification moratorium.
Section 602.11107. Court property.
Section 602.11108. Collective bargaining.
Section 602.11109.
Section 602.11110. Judgeships for election districts 5A and 5C.
Section 602.11111. Judicial nominating commissions for election districts 5A and 5C.
Section 602.11112. Fifth judicial election district.
Section 602.11113. Bailiffs employed as court attendants.
Section 602.11114. Temporary service by certain retired judicial magistrates.
Section 602.11115. District associate judges’ retirement.
Section 602.11116. Associate juvenile judges and associate probate judges — retirement.