Chapter 607A. JURIES  

Section 607A.1. Declaration of policy.
Section 607A.2. Prohibition of discrimination.
Section 607A.3. Definitions.
Section 607A.4. Jury service — minimum qualifications — disqualification — documentation.
Section 607A.5. Automatic excuse from jury service.
Section 607A.6. Discretionary excuse from jury service.
Section 607A.7. False excuse — prohibited requests — penalty.
Section 607A.8. Fees and expenses for jurors.
Section 607A.9. Ex officio commissions.
Section 607A.10. Appointive commission — master list.
Section 607A.11. Limitation on appointment.
Section 607A.12. Manner of appointment.
Section 607A.13. Clerk to notify.
Section 607A.14. Vacancy.
Section 607A.15. Qualification — tenure.
Section 607A.16. Instructions to appointive commission.
Section 607A.17. Compensation and expenses.
Section 607A.18. Assistants.
Section 607A.19. Jury commissions not required.
Section 607A.20. Jury manager.
Section 607A.21. Jury lists.
Section 607A.22. Use of source lists — information provided.
Section 607A.23. Judicial division of county.
Section 607A.24. Certification.
Section 607A.25. Filing of lists.
Section 607A.26. Preservation of records.
Section 607A.27. Preparation for drawing of panels.
Section 607A.28. Ballot boxes — sealed and custody — security of programs.
Section 607A.29. Length of service.
Section 607A.30. Time of drawing.
Section 607A.31. Notice of drawing.
Section 607A.32. Absence of commissioner.
Section 607A.33. Details of drawing.
Section 607A.34. Resealing of box.
Section 607A.35. Filing list — notice to report.
Section 607A.36. Contempt.
Section 607A.37. Cancellation for illegality.
Section 607A.38. Discharged jurors — notification.
Section 607A.39. Additional jurors.
Section 607A.40. Discharge of panel.
Section 607A.41. Method of subsequent drawing.
Section 607A.42. Disposition of names drawn.
Section 607A.43. Correcting illegality in original lists.
Section 607A.44. Notice to ex officio jury commission or jury manager.
Section 607A.45. Employer prohibited from penalizing employee — penalty — action for lost wages.
Section 607A.46. Delinquency of officers.
Section 607A.47. Juror questionnaire.