Section 614.1. Period.
Section 614.2. Death of party to be charged.
Section 614.3. Judgments.
Section 614.4. Fraud — mistake — trespass.
Section 614.4A. Identity theft.
Section 614.5. Open account.
Section 614.6. Nonresident or unknown defendant.
Section 614.7. Bar in foreign jurisdiction.
Section 614.8. Minors and persons with mental illness.
Section 614.8A. Damages for child sexual abuse — time limitation.
Section 614.9. Exception in case of death.
Section 614.10. Failure of action.
Section 614.11. Admission in writing — new promise.
Section 614.12. Counterclaim.
Section 614.13. Injunction.
Section 614.13A. Definitions.
Section 614.14. Real estate interest transferred by trustee.
Section 614.14A. Real estate interests transferred by entities.
Section 614.15. Spouse failing to join in conveyance.
Section 614.16. Interpretative clause.
Section 614.17. Claims to real estate antedating 1980.
Section 614.17A. Claims to real estate after 1992.
Section 614.18. Claim recorded and indexed.
Section 614.18A. Judgment and decree affecting real property.
Section 614.19. Inapplicability of provision regarding minors and persons with mental illness.
Section 614.20. Limitation on Act.
Section 614.21. Foreclosure of ancient mortgages.
Section 614.22. Action affecting ancient deeds.
Section 614.23. How possession established.
Section 614.24. Reversion or use restrictions on land — preservation.
Section 614.25. Effect of filing claim.
Section 614.26. Indexing.
Section 614.27. Persons under disability.
Section 614.28. Barred claims.
Section 614.29. Definitions.
Section 614.30. Construction liberal.
Section 614.31. Forty-year chain of title.
Section 614.32. What interests and rights subject.
Section 614.33. Free and clear of other interests not stated.
Section 614.34. Preserving interest during forty-year period.
Section 614.35. Recording interest.
Section 614.36. Lessors, reversioners, and easements.
Section 614.37. Limitation statutes not extended.
Section 614.38. Period extension in certain cases.