Chapter 628. REDEMPTION  

Section 628.1. Place of redemption.
Section 628.1A. Application of this chapter.
Section 628.2. When sale absolute.
Section 628.3. Redemption by debtor.
Section 628.4. Redemption prohibited.
Section 628.5. Redemption by creditors.
Section 628.6. Mechanic’s lien before judgment.
Section 628.7. Probate creditor.
Section 628.8. Redemption by creditors from each other.
Section 628.9. Senior creditor.
Section 628.10. Junior may prevent.
Section 628.11. Terms.
Section 628.12. Mortgage not matured — interest.
Section 628.13. By holder of title.
Section 628.14. By junior from senior creditor.
Section 628.15. After nine months.
Section 628.16. Who gets property.
Section 628.17. Claim extinguished.
Section 628.18. Mode of redemption.
Section 628.19. Credit on lien.
Section 628.20. Excess payment — credit.
Section 628.21. Contest determined.
Section 628.22. Assignment of certificate.
Section 628.23. Redemption of part of property.
Section 628.24. Interest of tenant in common.
Section 628.25. Transfer of debtor’s right.
Section 628.26. Agreement to reduce period of redemption.
Section 628.26A. Agreement to extend period of redemption — agricultural land.
Section 628.27. Redemption where property abandoned.
Section 628.28. Redemption of property not used for agricultural or certain residential purposes.
Section 628.29. Redemption by creditor pursuant to alternative foreclosure.